I have been in the Bar Business for 15 years now and have found my passion in my profession. Driven by aneagerness to continue learning and discovering new things, a few years ago, I decided to see as much of the world as possible.

I have worked in some of the most prestigious hotels in the world - for instance in Paris, Rome and New York - and have had the opportunity to travel to various countries popular cocktails come from. That gave me the chance to learn new languages, gain important and instructive experience, and develop innovative ideas...

... which umami would now like to share with your business!

  • A brief excursion in our developing history as well as the one of Matté Massimiliano, founder and CEO of umami.bar.improvement:

1997 Study of English at LCCI Industry Examinations Board | London 2007 Foundation of the consulting company umami.bar.improvement
1998 Bachelor Degree | Officially recognised Hotel Business Man | Italy 2007 Foundation of the umami.business.school
2001 "Master of Bartending" | Munich 2007 Official partner of "Area 20", the italian regional department of education and advanced training, for the instructors at the hotel & catering schools in North Italy
2003 - 2006 Bar manager at the restaurant "La Pergola" Cavalieri Hilton for Heinz Beck | Ranked the best cocktail bar in Rome in 2004 2007 Event organisation by umami.bar.improvement in Guadeloupe | West Indies
2006 - 2007 Abbreviated course of studies of the french language at ACCord School | Paris 2008 Exchange of experience for umami.bar.improvement at  restaurant "Daniels" for Daniel Boulud | New York
2006 - 2007 Assistant bar manager at "Montaigne25" - Hotel Plaza Athénée Paris, for Alain Ducasse - ranked the best hotel bar in Europe 2005 | Best Experience Award 2006 | Best Hotelbar Worldwide 2007
2008 Bartending lessons for experts at regional hotel and catering trade colleges | North Italy
Elaboration of Beverage Concepts for the Coca Cola Company and Christian Dior 2008 Foundation of the graphic design company umami.design
2007 Honoured as the "Perfect Barman de Paris" 2010 Best Bar Experience Award | Washington DC
2012 Most Creative & Multifunctional Mixology Award | Italy
Abbreviated course of studies of the spanish language | Italy
2013 Chief Product & Mixology Consultant | American Juice Company | NYC
2013 Launch of U* shakers&shooters brand in collaboration with the Deli Isi Group | Turkey
2014 "Best Bar Around" Award - Switzerland