As important as our developing history is also our purposefully selected corporate name.

umami is the Japanese word for 'delicious'; it refers to the fifth quality of our taste receptors and thus describes the perfect taste. 
With, we would like to show you how to achieve perfect harmony in taste, transfer this harmony to your services, and pass it on to your customers.

Our core value is to assist you in creating the perfect interplay between Concept | Planning | Organization | Business Structure | Corporate Identity | Product & Service.

Our work is practically-oriented. We offer no standard solutions; therefore, our first step is to understand your ideas and desires and build on them.

Creativity...exclusivity... perfection... efficiency and high-class as standard make to a high-quality etiquette on a international level.

We are specialized in creating exclusive taste-experiences in form of drink-collections, combined with innovative ideas, guaranteed selling-tactics and high-class service to achieve a perfect interplay in between products and services to increase the sellings. We share our savoir-faire with your company for your gastronomic projects as well with the future employees. Exactely that savoir-faire that brought so much fame to some of the most prestigious Hotel Bars in the world making them to important points of reference in the hotel business - for instance in Paris, Rome and New York. We persuited the "umami" of the modern gastronomy together with Star-Cooks and Managers of worldclass to captivate anew the customers of this age.

It is so our ambition to share those experiences with Your business and Your employees to develop new ideas together with the aim to achieve superlative and visionary hospitality concepts!