the umami business activities.

ANALISIS: After briefly getting to know your company-discretion guaranteed-we share our opinion with you, in line with your requirements and ideas.

PLANNING: based on the result of our analisis we give You a first statement with maneuver tactics and solutions. After this we elaborate a procedure plan.

PROCEDURE: our solutions will be transacted in-time and in-budget. Important subjects of our procedures are:

  • Concept Elaboration & Development | Re-development & Change Management
  • Planning | Organization | Implementation
  • Elaboration of Product Portfolio | Menu Design
  • Cocktail & Mixology Concepts | Brand Beverage Concepts
  • Business Structure | Production Cycle | Service Development & S.O.P.
  • Recruiting | Training | Coaching
  • Corporate Identity | Communication
  • Surveillance Activities | Further Concept Development & Updates
  • Mystery Shopping for F&B areas



the SECRET of our successful bar concepts.

All of our bar & beverage concepts are based on a operational system, that is the result of our long lasting experience and know-how, that allows to reach the most amitioned quality, customer satisfaction and financial driven goals.

It is a system that stands out for it´s simplicity, versatility and efficiency and combines these characteristics with an excellent quality of final product.

It supports to cut the general bar costs drastically - in average by 23% from the very first day of implementation. It has a strong impact on good- & labour cost and it supports to enhance the sales volume by increasing the bartender´s efficiency, due to the simplified preparation steps of each drink.

Part of this is the S.P.S. system. It is not a uniformed product but a custom-tailored interplay between specifically created recipes and the cycle of preparation. It points to reach the highest available beverage quality and an above average customer satisfaction.

It allows to offer a unique beverage & cocktail portfolio and high-volume at the very same time, with the big advantage that it doesn´t require more employees - in fact in almost all cases it has been possible to reduce the number of staff members. The profit margin increases proportionally to the sales volume, as the basic preparation is a stable process.

An essential part of the S.P.S. is what we called U.P.P. . It is based on the importance to be exclusive and to create a product portfolio that is uncopyable to your competitors. It allows to create unique beverage creations and make them become a specialty of the house by giving them an uncopyable touch. The customer experience will be inimitable!

Another part of our concepts are the Healthy-tails® - the multifunctional side of the ingredients used to prepare bespoke cocktails - which represents an additional touch to support the well-being of your guests at the bar.

We have started to develop this beverage concept almost 6 years ago by executing detailed studies around the actual healthy impact of different ingredients, like fruits - vegetables – herbs – spices – roots – teas – etc., on the human body, in close collaboration with one of Italy´s most renowned professors of bio-chemistry. After 1.5 years of research, we have combined all of the gathered results with our experience and knowledge about high-end mixology and did create a one-of-a-kind beverage concept that allows customers not only to live delightful taste experiences through the flavor combinations, but at the same time to do something healthy for themselves – a combination of wellbeing and indulgence that remarked a notable request and value for customers all around the world.

This operational concept allows an implementation of each designed bar concept within a couple days only and the training process is simple, efficient and very short. It allows to offer a creative and excellent quality of beverages and to operate a bar with employees that do lack in bar experience or don´t have any experience at all, and opens new mixology directions for very ambitioned bartenders and mixologists at the very same moment.

It can be implemented as a main concept or used as an additional creative element at your bar areas.