MPS PURI - Chief Executive Nira Hotels & Resorts | Shanti Hospitality
„Thanks Massi, you are the BEST".

LUCA MARCELLIN - Mixologist at Four Seasons Milan
„I learned a lot from you. You are one of the most professional person I´ve ever met".

MARIO BEVILACQUA VON GÜNDERRODE - Resident Manager at Sandy Lane Luxury Resort - Barbados - Food & Beverage Specialist - Owner of
„You are an endless source of good ideas".


MARIO BEVILACQUA VON GÜNDERRODE - Resident Manager | Sandy Lane Luxury Resort | Barbados
Having worked with Massimiliano on various projects in the past 10 years and having been involved in the operations of some of the most luxurious Hotels in the World, I cannot think about anyone else that I could respect more. His analytical skills together with his incredible creativity and knowledge of Food & Beverage makes him, in my opinion, the best person to reach out to when in need of concept development, staff training, projects implementation and overall quality improvements. I hope I could have Massimiliano next to me all year round.


CHRISTOPHE BERGEN AND VERENA HELLWEGER - Hellberg Associates Hotel Consulting GmbH - Kneissl Star Lounge - Kneissl Group - JJW Hotels & Resorts
We are pleased to confirm that you played a positive role in creating a successful opening of the "Kneissl Star Lounge" in Innsbruck last month. Your professional approach to the challenges of a new service structure, your thorough preparation, your creativity and your training of the store staff was very much appreciated.
Your "healthtails" are a great combination with the philosophy of the Kneissl concept: natural flavors, visually stimulating and fun: truly an "in-mouth entertainment"! We also appreciated your flexibility and your willingness to adapt your recipes to Austrian products where possible, giving these "Kneissl-tails" an even more "authentic" twist!
We look forward to working with you in the future, as we build up new Kneissl Star Lounges in other parts of Austria and as we continue to work on maintaining the standards of service that will make Kneissl stand out among other retail and gastro concepts!


MARIO BEVILACQUA VON GÜNDERRODE - Director of Food & Beverage at The Jefferson Hotel Washington DC - Relais & Chateaux - 4 Star Diamond Award - Best 5 Boutique Luxury Hotels in the world - Top 10 Bar Award 2011
Since our first conference call I knew that Massimiliano´s genuine passion, not only for mixology, but also for luxury hospitality, would have been a perfect ingredient to bring „Quill Bar" at the Jefferson Hotel on top tier of the best bar in Washington DC.
I wanted to wait a couple of months before sending my feedback in order to have some steady results to talk about. Massimiliano´s people skills during the pre-opening training, his stunning creativity, his unmatched mixology skills, his capacity to listen, embrace and pair our concept and values, are all together reasons why our bar has been exceeding our very ambitious forecast for the first quarter of operations of almost 10%. I wish we could have Massimiliano here with us every day. By the way everyone is already talking about the white truffle vodka infusion that should be ready in 3 or 4 days.
umami´s fees are extremely affordable. Massimiliano I wish you all the best for the certain success to come!


UMBERTO GIRAUDO & HEINZ BECK - Restaurant "La Pergola" of the Rome Cavalieri Hilton - Waldorf Astoria Collection -  3 Michelin Stars - 5 Star Diamond Award - Best Cocktail Bar in Rome 2004
Massimiliano displayed a sense of responsability and enthusiasm in carrying out his duties, with great commitment and passion. He is a hard worker, punctual, reliable and able to perform well under pressure. He is honest and has friendly character. Massimiliano has been appreciated for the exceptional quality of work, keeping the highest level of service standards. We wish him all the best for a very successful future.


THIERRY HERNANDEZ & ALAIN DUCASSE – Manager of „Bar Montaigne 25“ at Plaza Athénée Paris – Dorchester Group – 5 Star Diamond Award – 3 Michelin Stars - Best European Bar 2006 - Best Bar experience Award 2007 - Best Bar in the world Arward 2007
Elaboration of new beverage concepts and cocktail recipes. Quality development of service standards and support at the business development in collaboration with the management team.


MPS PURI - Chief Executive at Nira Hotels & Resorts - Nira Alpina Resort in St. Moritz, Silvaplana
Concept development and implementation, product portfolio elaboration, import & export supplier research, price calculation, beverage concept elaboration and implementation, theoretical and practical collaborator trainings, controlling, business development, elaboration of marketing ideas and events.


DAVID OLIVER FISCHER - owner of Restaurant Fischer's in Kopenhagen
Dear Massimiliano, First of all thank you for your time in Denmark, it was really nice to have you here. Massimiliano has been working at my restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark doing consulting for the bar, personal, decor and coaching for 2 weeks. It has been a pleasure to see his proffessionalism and love to his metiere. The way he teaches the personal with entusiasm and explainations. It is always nice to work with proffessionals at this level, especially when this is something we miss in Denmark. I wish all the best for this bar guru, Massimiliano.

Overall analysis and re-organization of the working- and public areas, day-to-day training of team members in direct collaboration, re-structuring of the internal organization, setting of service and quality related standards, SOP´s, hygiene management, elaboration of new graphic layout of menus for restaurant and bar, store management, elaboration of event ideas as well as promotional strategies for the overall business development.


XAVIER HÉRIT & DANIEL BOULUD - Bar Manager at Maison Boulud New York - 3 Michelin Stars
I appreciate massimiliano's talent and creativity. He is someone for who I have lot of respect. He has a new vision, by bringing fresh products and new techniques, that can improve the notoriety of your bar. He understand that cocktail, attention to the detail and atmosphere are link together to have the best result!


MOTI MAHAL - Nira Hotels & Resorts Restaurant, London
Overall analysis of the entire bar area from FF&E to the re-elaboration and  implementation of the bar concept  & beverage program. Elaboration of special signature, indian inspired cocktail & beverage recipes and collaborator training. Overall yearly surveillance support.

TASTE OF LONDON 2012 - Nira Hotels & Resorts, London
Representation of Moti Mahal, a Nira Hotels & Resorts Restaurant. Elaboration of beverage presentations, concepts and indian inspired recipes for cocktail concoctions. Performance throughout the entire event and support in the organizational side.


SHANTI MAURICE - Nira Hotels & Resorts - Leading Hotels of the World, Mauritius
Analysis of all bar areas throughout the property. FF&E improvement and overall organizational set-up for new planned bar areas. Elaboration and implementation of entire bar concept, beverage product portfolio and recipes. Collaborator training and yearly overall surveillance support for all bar areas. Elaboration of multifunctional beverage portfolio for SPA area accordingly to the SPA programs.


IVAN HUARITA - Manager of Plume Bar & Restaurant - Jefferson Hotel in Washington DC - Top 10 Restaurant in the US 2011
I found the training of very informative and exiting as far as new techniques and old tried techniques.
In a nut shell Massimiliano could talk for weeks and I could learn every day! Very professional and informative.

DAMON GORDON - Executive Chef at Jefferson Hotel in Washington DC
Very well organized and creative. The attention to detail and knowledge that comes with the drinks is very good. Presentation & combinations are very innovative. The whole umami concept is a very professional & creative idea. Mixing both, new & classic is a recipe for success!

CHARLES BALADUR - Asst. Food & Beverage Manager - Jefferson Hotel in Washington DC
I liked the enthusiasm that you always put in your explainations. Your ability to always be very calm and open minded yet convinced about your practices and shows a great professionalism! Once again I thank you very much Massimiliano and have to say that I admire the way you handled those days.


ÉGLANTINE ET VALÉRY - London and Paris stock exchange
We asked Massimiliano to take care of the cocktail bar at our wedding in French Guadeloupe, in the West Indies, and that was the best choice we made! He took care of everything, from understanding our taste and wishes, to planning in advance which ingredients would suit the weather of the island, to D day-organization, to motivating the other waiters, and he got everybody so excited about the project.
The cocktails were very diverse, both alcoholic and fruit-only, and Massimiliano's unique touch was to be able to understand and even guess what ours guests would like, and also to surprise them in the best way when they have no clue what to choose. His taste has never been wrong, and all our guests told us he was the best barman they had ever seen, and his cocktails were absolutely incredible.
Massimiliano is THE MAN in the cocktails world, and if you are thinking about drinks for a party or wedding or any event, choosing him will be the perfect choice and he will make you happy without any doubt.

Elaboration of bar and business concept. Organization and planning of the entire bar area by supporting the elaboration of the blueprints in collaboration with the architects and the construction company. Entire set-up of FF&E and product selection as well as creation of entire beverage and mixology portfolio. Competitor analysis, market and beverage trend research. Support in the elaboration of all F&B areas and conceptualization of all internal sequences from controlling, costing and budgeting, hygiene standards, service standards and elaboration of all job descriptions. Selection and recruiting of team members. Planning and implementation of entire concept, training of employees and management team as well as follow up controlling support since the opening.

"…when I first discussed your offer and services with my partners, I thought this is just another expense. Now, that I´ve seen your passion for details, your understanding for the requirements of our business and profound understanding for the financial side, the organizational talent, having seen how you designed the bar concept and beverage program around the architecture and inspired by the traditions and surroundings, having tasted all of your amazing creations, seen the unique presentations, the way you implemented the entire program and training of the bar team, I realized that this was not just another expense, but a smart investment into the future success of our business. You are already now part of our next opening in March 2015."


DC CAP HOTELIER LLC - Privately owned Hotel Company in Washington DC
Collaboration on the re-opening of the 5 Star luxury Hotel "The Jefferson Hotel" in Washington DC. Idealization and elaboration of the bar-concepts, product selection of hard- and software, setting of the service standard procedures, pre-ogening organisation, elaboration of the drink recipes, finalization of the menus for the first 6 months and practical & theoretical trainings for the employees - practical demonstrations - explainations of coherences - with written & practical test.

ALEX HOLZER - Former Bar Manager "Quill Bar" at Jefferson Hotel in Washington DC - Now Chief Mixologist at Lebua State Tower, Bangkok
I was really impressed how professional was already the first meeting with Massimiliano in January when we discussed the project "Pure Jefferson" for the first time. He presented to me a fully developed Drinkmenu for the first entire year composed of seven signature cocktails that change monthly. Already by reading the recipes I understood that it will be a unique and uncopyable barmenu with really interesting specials like homemade syrups & infusions of vodka, rum and other spirits - that will be exposed at the bar and the month after customer can have cocktails with exactely those products.

To mention as well is the perfectly cost calculation and upselling strategy he integrated in each little aspect of the concept. I spent two days training with Massimiliano on molecular-techniques and mixology. Amazing how precise and how creative his ideas are when it comes to support service, presentation and the promotion of the bar concept. You could feel his long lasting experience behind some of the best bars of the world in each little explaination he gave to me. I'm bartender since 9 years now and this training was the most important lesson I received in all these years. Recently I had the pleasure to welcome Massimiliano for a second meeting here in Washington DC at the Jefferson Hotel. The purpose this time was to train the 9 bartenders before the opening of the Hotel in august. The first 2 days we went through the theoretical part like establishing service standards, general behaviour, product description and how to reach the concept objectives. It was intense and perfectly performed. The next days we did practical training on mixology...I was once more astounded how easy it was in terms of preparation - mise en place - cost control - presentation and taste...just awesome. We spent the last day with Executive Chef Damon Gordon, concerning the promotion of the food at the bar and a couple of suggestions of concerning special drinks and cocktails to serve with it. Overall I can say, I never met a such professional Barconsultant like Massimiliano in my entire career. He did a very elaborated work here at the Jefferson Hotel.

It was a big help to open this luxury establishment and to put in place a more than "above-average" concept.


ARCHITECT ALEXANDER HUBER - Owner Puka Naka Club|Lounge|Bar - Berg & Tal Design - Italy
Massimiliano Matté / artist in what he is doing! The know-how of Mr. Matté is really convincing and very strong. The realization at the Puka Naka Lounge & Club leaves no open questions. I would describe the performance of the services of as "enthusiastic".


HOTEL NATÜRLICH FISS – Fiss in Tirol - Austria - Designer Boutique Hotel
Elaboration of entire Food & Beverage concept. Organization of working spaces in kitchen, bar and service areas. Research and selection of suppliers. Creation and cost control of product portfolio for every outlet. Collaborator trainings and further education in terms of organization, working efficiency and working techniques. Support on-site during pre-opening and direct collaboration during soft- and grand opening.


Creation of the entire bar concept and beverage program. Organization of working areas for bar and kitchen. Organization and support on-site during pre-opening, soft- and grand opening. Direct collaboration, collaborator trainings and fine-tuning of concept after opening phases.


Hotel & Catering School Brunico
Organisation and performance of custom-tailored trainings and further educations for students and teaching staff for the Bar department. Collaboration since 2007.

Hotel & Catering School Bressanone
Elaboration and performance of a 4 days, custom-tailored specialization seminar fort he teaching staff for the Bar department. Key aspects: Mineral Water, Mixology, molecular Mixology, UPP unique product portfolio, Bodylanguage to support up-selling tactics, flavour arrangements & Training on creativity.

Department of further education "Area 20"
Preparation, scheduling and management of practical & theoretical seminars for the teaching staff of the hotel- and cateringschools, courses for privat persons and further educations for the Bar department. Collaboration since 2007.


PURELOSOPHY AG, ZÜRICH - multifunctional & healthy drinks -
Creation of beverage concepts and product recipes, elaboration of cocktail recipes and multifunctional beverage concoctions, with implemented product line, for the bars and SPA-areas of high-end luxury hotels worldwide.


In the position as Chief Product Officer, is responsible for all product-related matters, which includes product conception & management, recipe development & coordination of juice blends, innovation, organization of production cycle & functionality, support on the development of the web concept.


Complete Business Analysis - F&B Area - Architectural Settings - Cost Calculation / Analysis - Operational Efficiency Improvements - Collaborator Trainings - Menu Design & Layout - Seasonal Beverage Creations - PR & Communication Improvements - Event Elaboration - Hygiene Management.


NIRA CALEDONIA - GM James Lane - Nira Hotels & Resorts - Small Luxury Hotels, Edinburgh UK
Complete business analysis of F&B departments, FF&E consulting on bar refurbishment, development of operational standards and overall organizational aspects, hygiene management, product portfolio analysis and development of product portfolio, development of marketing and PR strategies of future business direction, service related training sessions, complete layout design of all print items throughout the property.


Market & Trend Research, Bar Concept Development, Seasonal Cocktail Program Elaboration, Product Research, Setup of Staff Training Program.

Complete F&B Concept Development, Product Research & Selection, Budgeting, Beverage Program Elaboration & Setup, FF&E, Creation of Complete CI - Graphic Design - Business Philosophy & Business Model, Branding.Setup of Staff Training Program.


DELI ISI GROUP - CEO Nuri Sevil - COO Haldun Demirhisar - IZMIR, TURKEY
Complete business analysis, further concept development of already existing properties, concept development for additional business segment, creation of entire product portfolio and fine-tuning of exiting one, organization of centralized production and distribution system, creation of a detailed controlling system, research & sourcing of FF&E, support in elaboration of branding and marketing strategies, overall implementation, training of employees, follow up and controlling. Joint venture for two additional franchise brands like U* shakers&shooters and the U* laboratuar.


Market & Trend Research, Target Audience Analysis, Complete Food & Beverage Concept Development, Conceptualization & Support In The Planning Of All Operational Spaces, Product Research & Selection, Elaboration Of Business Plan & Budgeting, Beverage & Food Program Elaboration & Setup, Furniture & Equipment, Partial Creation Of Corporate Identity & Branding, Support In Development Of Web Presence And Social Media Content - Creation Of Business Philosophy & Business Model, Staff Training Program, Full Implementation, Controlling.