why umami?
Globally the Bar business within hotels and generally within the hospitality industry did achieve a more important role to round an exceptional guest experience.

A creative, perfectly planned and eventful Bar can accentuate a hotel concept and support the property to distinguish from local and international competitors without the necessity of a global market presence. Most notably this is due to the growing worldwide interest in trendsetting and unique bar concepts.

Beside the fact that it is easy to launch innovative products or trendsetting services through the Bar areas without big financial efforts, they do hide major, rarely used potential that can be used to support the sales department as it can contribute
essentially to all direct marketing strategies by generating positive customer feedback on unforgettable experiences.

A Bar can be the branch point of hotel internal marketing strategies by applying department crossing promotional tactics for in-house guests and walk-ins.

It is possible to reach out to more potential clients and create curiosity amongst customers that are on the fringe of the actual target audience and so more difficult to catch. 

The Bar area is the modern business card of each property and if perfectly organized and implemented one of the most profitable areas of Food & Beverage.

Exceptionally working Bars represent a big contribution in supporting the success of each property, consequently our support and know-how is to see as an investment in quality, innovation and business development for the entire establishment.